The most successful brands invest in compelling experiences that inspire customer loyalty. Doing this well requires seamless integration between product, operations and brand.    

Realizing the full potential of your brand requires a willingness to embed brand principles into diverse areas of your business operations. It requires new and unfamiliar models of collaboration involving both internal and external contributors. Our relentless focus on Design and Delivery is aimed at creating a process and a platform that allows that collaboration to happen effectively.



A customer experience design mindset grounds our work in customer needs. Our insight development process avoids over-reliance on superficial surveys, it's about gaining a deeper understanding of customer behaviors to find out what people value the most. We identify unmet customer needs and translate those needs into tangible design principles that drive the brand development process forward. The ultimate goal is to create something special that customers value enough to spend their time and money on.



The focus of a brand delivery mindset is on effectively coordinating a company's assets to positively impact the customer experience.

Brand delivery is therefore primarily an operational challenge, not a communications challenge. It's about what we make, first, and what we say, second.



While many brands currently aspire to the allure of great design, they fail to translate design intent into delivery. They never cross the "knowing-doing gap": a common organizational challenge that prevents companies from going beyond the "smart talk trap" into specific action that aligns with strategic thinking. Crossing this gap is a big part of what we do at Fabric Branding.

Fabric Branding offers a range of consulting and creative services for corporate brands and startups

  • Brand insights and research
  • Brand positioning strategy
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand experience design and development
  • Brand identity design
  • Brand innovation combining digital with analog

A more detailed list of our services can be found here.



If there is one thing that sets us apart, it is our ability to link strategy to real-world actions and impacts.


We excel at bringing together sound strategy with inspired creativity, to create tangible brand value for our clients. 

We combine the strategic rigor of a top tier management consulting firm, with the creativity of a boutique agency and the tech-savvy of a digital-first company. We respect creativity as a strategic asset that builds brand value; we believe in applying it purposefully in the service of specific business goals. 

Our staffing model means that we can accomplish great things quickly and nimbly. We have strong relationships with a large network of niche specialists who complement our core skills in brand strategy and design. We recognize that each new situation might require very different creative talents, so we make sure we have access to world class talent in relevant fields that include architecture, environmental design, graphic design, mobile and web technology, Internet-of-things, loyalty marketing and social media.