An insight is only as valuable as your ability to act on it, everything else is just so many facts and data.

Our approach to insight work is not to grow the available fact base for the reassurance it offers; it’s to synthesize the facts we have into something that better supports our clients’ business goals. Our primary function in the insights sphere is to act as research integrators, helping our clients to develop a clear and consistent world view as the basis for confident action and marketplace differentiation.

In a practical sense, this means that we only propose new research when we and our clients find knowledge gaps that are preventing key decisions from being made, or actions from being taken. As much as possible we look to build from the existing fact base and we specialize in the meta-analysis of diverse data sets into a coherent point-of-view.

Since our goal is to make connections and integrate diverse, and sometimes inconsistent data, we frequently use in-depth ethnographic approaches to better connect the dots between isolated facts and statistics. While we’re experienced in a range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, our aim is to take the shortest, simplest path possible in order to answer the critical questions on the table.

We are strongly hypothesis driven. We look for the minimum viable approach to answering any given question. While the world is complex, our insights need to concise and digestible, without being "dumbed down".

While a strong fact base is important for any endeavor, we never lose sight of the fact that in order to predict the future, you have to invent it.

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