Time Sheets: Harvest

All employees who are required to track time for work completed will use Harvest to do so. You will receive an email to your Fabric Branding email account prompting you to set up your account.

Once you are set up in Harvest, please use this link to login and track your time.

Harvest is very easy to use and offers you a variety of ways to log your time including a website, a desktop app and a smartphone app. 


Projects will be created by Fabric Branding and assigned to you as required. If you are working on a project and do not see it in your Harvest, please email admin@fabricbranding.com and you will be added to the project.

Harvest's user interface is based on simple, intuitive drop down menus that allow you to select the Project and Task to accurately track time.

Each Fabric Branding client project is assigned a three-character code (ex. FB1 = Fabric Branding, Project #1) for quick identification. These codes will match within Asana and Dropbox as well.


Task Types & Tracking Time

Once you have selected the correct project, please ensure you are using the proper Task type when tracking time:

  • Billable Time
    • Client Interviews - Internal or external interviews relating to a client project
    • Client Meetings - All meetings that include clients
    • Design - Any design work relating to a client project
    • Project Management - All tasks related to project management (ex. planning timelines, arranging meetings or answering client project management emails)
    • Strategy - General strategy work relating to a client project
    • Team Meeting - Internal meetings with other Fabric Team Members relating directly to a client project
  • Non-Billable Time
    • Travel - Time spent traveling to client meetings, etc. that is not spent working on other tasks

Harvest has a timer feature integrated into the Timesheet tab that allows you to accurately track your time down to the minute. Please utilize this feature wherever possible to reduce error, and switch or start a new timer when applicable.

Accuracy is the most important part of working in Harvest, and with a little effort upfront a bigger headache can be saved for down the road.


Submitting Time Sheets

All time sheets should be submitted by close of business on Friday evening each week. It is critical that you do this prior to "clocking out" for the weekend so that clients can be billed accordingly for time spent on their projects.

To submit your timesheets, click the Submit for Approval button pictured below. You must do this for each day's time sheet individually.


If you have any questions about how Fabric Branding uses Harvest or require assistance, please email admin@fabricbranding.com.