Fabric Branding Team Calendars

Please use the calendar below as reference for daily working locations. Our primary office is Makeshift Society (55 Hope St, Brooklyn) and our secondary office is Grind Broadway (1412 Broadway @ 39th Street, 22nd Floor, Manhattan).

While locations do not frequently change at the last minute, please do keep an eye on this calendar as things can change. As of October 23, we will be changing working locations in Brooklyn. New location is TBD as of Sept. 4.

To embed this calendar in iCal, please follow the steps found here.

To add this calendar to your Google Apps desktop calendar, please follow the steps found here.

Use the calendar link found below to subscribe to the calendar:

https://www.google.com/calendar/ical/fabricbranding.com_la0hbqqmqd5m0g6o4mb1ef0km4%4 0group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics

Please note that you must copy and paste this link when following the instructions above for the subscription to work properly. Clicking on it will initiate a download of the current calendar, and will not live update once imported to your calendar client.

Team Member Work Schedules

Please use the following calendar as reference for "Who's In, Who's Out" on any given day. If you are a new hire, please reach out to Katy Boyle (katelyn.boyle@fabricbranding.com) to gain editing access to this calendar.

If there are changes in your work schedule (temporary or permanent) please make sure they are reflected on this calendar so that client meetings can be scheduled accordingly.

Adding your work schedule to your personal Google Calendar will not add it to this calendar. It is important that all events are saved to this calendar for planning and budgeting.