Brand Strategy: defining ideas worth caring about


At the strongest brands, messages draw their strength from being grounded in a meaningful purpose not only in the minds of customers, but critically, in the minds of employees. This purpose does not necessarily have to be world changing or philanthropic, but it does have to hold meaning for employees and customers.

The art and science of finding the right brand purpose requires a deeper level of engagement from management. Critically, a brand strategy grounded in purpose must be something that you are prepared to act on, as a company. Activating a brand purpose effectively requires meaningful engagement from diverse areas of a business: operations, customer service, R&D, IT and of course, marketing.

We understand how hard it is to craft a brand strategy that’s grounded in a compelling purpose. Our approach to developing purpose-driven brand strategy involves going far beyond what “sounds good in customer testing”. We engage cross-functional stakeholders in meaningful debate about what’s possible, desirable and economically viable for a company. Every idea must be subjected to a meaningful litmus test to determine it's practicality: “what would we do differently to deliver on this idea” along with it’s more practical sibling “what are we capable of doing, and how quickly?”

We call this approach to brand strategy development “ideas worth caring about”.

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Brand Transformation: designing experiences worth talking about

In the age of transparency, consumers are judging brands not on what they say, but on how they behave, and the experiences that they provide. In order to deliver on these experiences, a brand needs to re-engineer how it behaves towards its customers. This requires a cross-disciplinary approach that brings together the design of products and services, R&D, front-line customer service and both traditional and non-traditional marketing.

At Fabric, we have a series of proprietary tools and approaches designed to create a customer experience 'whole' that exceeds the sum of its parts. We help our clients bring together different disciplines to create brand “moments of truth” – compelling brand experiences designed from the customer’s perspective, and supported by the entire organization.

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