What we mean by "brands that connect"

It's not a secret that the holy grail of branding is stronger, more emotional connections with your customers. What is less well known is that the brands that do this most successfully connect first with internal stakeholders and employees. Successful branding transcends organizational silos; the strongest brands are invariably built on a powerful vision that permeates and inspires every aspect of how that brand goes to market. 

Building brands that connect

In the digital age, it is the quality and durability of your brand's connections with your customers that is the most critical driver of long-term business success. Impressions can still be bought, but true competitive advantage is earned, through the deliberate cultivation of direct, long-lasting and mutually rewarding relationships with your customers. 

Does your brand matter in your customers' lives? Are your customers willing to be passionate advocates for your brand? Do they use your products or services only out of habit, or is there an emotional attachment too? Do people talk positively about your brand to their friends or colleagues? Do they identify with you, and what you are trying to accomplish? 

In short: do you matter? 

Our purpose, and our passion, is to help our clients to be able to answer "yes" to these questions. 

With every day that passes, the importance of relationships for brands is increasing. Social Media means that brand stories are morphing from static messages into dynamic multi-party conversations. For the brands that are willing and able to embrace the change, the internet of things will bring together CRM data, social media and physical spaces to create new experiences and new ways of connecting with customers at scale. 

Our approach is different from historical approaches to branding. We do not apologize for it. In our view, the times we living in demand it: we don't treat strategy and execution as separate entities but as two symbiotic elements of an integrated brand design process. We believe that great design is a seamless loop of thinking, action, learning and back to thinking again. Success comes when these activities are strongly connected, as part of single process, able to move forward with both focus and urgency.