File Management & Storage: Dropbox

Fabric Branding uses Dropbox to store client-related files and data. It is important that you use the desktop version ( so you can access the most recent versions of them in real time.

We will use Google Drive sparingly for client-related files, and only in instances where live updates or tracking are required to complete the task (ex. large scheduling tasks for internal or external interviews). Unless otherwise directed, please only use Microsoft Office and Dropbox to complete your work.

You will receive an email within your Fabric Branding account from Dropbox inviting you to join the Fabric Branding Dropbox organization. Please accept this invitation

To configure Dropbox for continuous use, follow these steps:

  1. Download Dropbox to your computer

  2. Log in using your Fabric Branding credentials

  3. Ensure that data is set to sync to your computer so you have the most up-to-date versions of files

If you require access to a folder in Dropbox that you currently do not have permissions to view or edit, please email Access to folders is only granted on an as-needed basis.


Using Dropbox

When using Dropbox, please keep the following sharing protocol in mind:

  • Download links are for clients only

  • Folder sharing is for internal use only

Never share the entire folder with the client. The download link only allows the recipient to view the document. Sharing the entire folder with them allows editing rights and is against Fabric Branding policy.

In the event of an emergency and a folder cannot be shared, then and only then should you use the Download link for internal sharing. Folder sharing should be used whenever possible for internal purposes. Using download links for internal purposes greatly increases the risks of file duplication and misplacement, which is why sharing the folder is optimal.

If you need to share a file with another Fabric team member and they do not have access to the parent folder, please place it in the "Team Member Dropboxes" folder, inside that team member's named folder. This will give that team member the ability to edit that file.