Employee Resources

Fabric Branding utilizes a number of tools to complete different tasks and manage different portions of the business.

  • Google Apps for email and calendar
  • Harvest for time sheets
  • Expensify for expense reports
  • Asana for task and project management
  • Dropbox for file storage and sharing

To the left, you will find more detailed descriptions of how Fabric Branding uses these tools to compliment our business and support employees.

In addition to these descriptions, you will also find:

  • Templates & Assets which includes a number of important documents, including Observed Holidays, Time Off Procedure, and Powerpoint Templates
  • Team Calendar which will provide you the daily working locations for the Fabric Team and each team member's individual working schedules, as well as procedures for updating your personal work schedule
  • Who Do I Contact? which provides the proper email to contact for a variety of business-related items

If you have questions about these tools or require assistance, please contact katelyn.boyle@fabricbranding.com