The Benefits of a Design + Delivery Focus

Our "Design plus Delivery" approach solves one of the biggest problems in branding, the gulf between strategy and action. It embeds strategy into a practical, tangible design process that ensures that strategic thinking generates specific action. In this world-view, execution is not an afterthought to strategy, nor is strategy something that gets ignored "in the breach".

This represents a shift in how brands are "made". Historically, the brand was an afterthgouht, a tool for "getting the word out" after the real work of building a product or service was complete. Increasingly, your brand is the main source of differentiation in otherwise commoditized products and services. As the differentiation arms race continues, and customer choice explodes, the best brands are the ones that pay off their truth across the entire customer experience.

Ironically, starting with the question "how will I get the word out" often makes it harder to get the word out about your brand. Once you’ve designed a brand that delivers, getting the word out, and creating efficient growth, gets a lot easier, for two reasons:

  1. Your customers tend to tell the people they know about the products and services that excite them, so your own marketing efforts are immediately more efficient and productive
  2. Your brand promise was clear enough to be able to build a great offering, so it’s easier to craft a story to tell people about it.