Building a brand that delivers

The focus of a brand delivery mindset is on effectively coordinating a company's assets to positively impact the customer experience. Brand delivery is therefore primarily an operational challenge, not a communications challenge. It's about what we make, first, and what we say, second.

Some key principles we follow:

  • Action before talk: Job #1 of brand design is not “what can we say?” but “what can we deliver that people will value?”
  • Practical design process: Operational planning must be part of the brand design process from the start - it’s not about crafting an elegant fiction but a valuable reality
  • Serve the business: The brand is a tool of value-creation for the business, changes to brand strategy often entail changing the business strategy, and vice versa
  • Involve the customer: Surveys and interviews are good, but reactions to prototypes and real experiences are better
  • Continuous improvement: Successful brands are in a continual state of learning, optimization, and evolution. A successful brand is not an immutable idea for the ages but a flexible concept that’s capable of moving with the times