Customer Experience Design

Customer experience design grounds company decisions in practical customer needs. The path to success is through the quality and thoughtfulness of the user experience. Every customer interaction is judged by it's ability to deliver against an over-arching vision that creates customer value. The role of strategy is to identify the most important needs and align organizational resources to deliver against those needs.

What’s powerful about this approach is that a company spends less time persuading people to like it, and more time focused on real value creation.

This approach includes four major activities:

  1. Customer Insight Work: to understand and identify important unmet needs in customers lives
  2. Brand Strategy Work: to identify the biggest opportunities to add value in customers' lives, and to align resources and guard-rails for action
  3. Experience Design Work: to design the ways (products, services, communications etc.) in which the comapny will "go after" creating value. To inform how the brand will be delivered in sufficient detail so that strategy can be considered truly actionable
  4. Continuous Improvement Work: Ongoing learning and discovery that accompanies delivery (of customer experiences), in order to grow the brand's capacity to deliver, over time (create, measure, learn and adapt)