About Fabric Branding's Founder, Simon Pearce

Simon founded Fabric Branding in 2012 based on the belief that a powerful and well-executed brand can transform a company’s destiny.

Since our founding, the demand for this kind of transformative change has only increased. As more and more industries get disrupted by technology, the unexpected ripple-effects that individual companies face are calling many traditional approaches to the theory and practice of brand management into question.

Savvy companies are questioning long-held assumptions and entering uncharted waters in response to novel threats and opportunities. The smartest among them realizing that "the obstacle is the way" and that they must fully embrace that which threatens their businesses, as opportunities.

Fabric Branding helps clients navigate these waters by using the brand as a tool for engineering new relationships between companies and their customers, employees and suppliers. Rather than be swept passively along, our clients are able to reconceive their brands as an organizing framework: to get on the front foot, engaging productively with changing times, markets and expectations.

In order to be effective in this role, we have a bias towards tangible outputs and cross-discipline integration. Our goal is to better align our clients' vision and purpose with what they actually deliver to customers. We call this approach "brands that deliver". This mindset allows us to combine how a business looks and sounds (the typical arena of branding firms and agencies) with the fundamentals of designing products, services and customer interactions, in both physical and digital spaces. 

We work across disciplines, because we believe this is table stakes for making a difference, and we stick around to help breathe life into exciting ideas because selling a vision you can't execute means selling a vision that nobody can execute. We practice iterative design because nobody can predict the future, least of all people who claim to be able to predict the future.

Simon has approximately 20 years of experience in bringing world-class brands to life, working inside several different business models (Strategic Management Consulting, Communications Agencies, Brand Consultancies), before bringing together a career of insights into the methodologies practiced at Fabric Branding.

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